Gretchen Lapp Hamlin Glassworks
GLH jewelry is hand-crafted using hot glass that is blown and formed into beads and flat glass that is melted and fused. The glass elements are combined with Sterling silver, annodized niobium and high-quality gold-filled components.
-Blown Glass Jewelry-
Single-strand necklaces$140
Bracelets   $50
Standard Earrings  $28
Segment Earrings  $32
Available in assorted colors and lengths.

  -Fused Glass Collar with Bead Accents-
The length on this necklace is adjustable from 18" to 20" due to extra links at the back. Shown here in turquois and black with a sterling silver chain, this piece is also available in other colors and with gold-filled chain and accents.                      $84
-Blown Bead Pendants-
Available in assorted colors and sizes and on sterling or gold filled chains.  Segments pendant  (shown in center of image above) is approximately 3".     
Standard pendant   $36
Segments pendant   $38
-Fused Glass Charm Necklace-
Shown here in chocolate with adventurine green and cerulean accents, with tourmaline green blown glass accent beads. Length is approximately 22".  Available with
gold filled or sterling.
-Blown Glass Collar-
This piece is approximately 22" in length and available in assorted colors. Shown here in grass-green and dusty rose with sterling accents. Single-bead earrings are approximately 1" and are available on posts, earwires or as  clip-ons.     
​Collar necklace           $200
Single-bead earrings    $20
- Bold Fused Necklace-
This necklace has a fun contemporary look and adjustability in length from 16" to 22". Shown here in transparent  sky-blue with silver dichroic accents.  Also available in other colors.                               $78
-Simple Bold Fused Necklace-
The fused elements on this necklace have a channel melted right in that allows the multiple strands of tigertail cord to be seen through the glass. Shown here in cherry red with gold-leaf inclusions. Also available in other colors.   $68
  -Simple Fused Pendant-
Shown here in iridized cobalt blue glass on an 18" sterling bead chain.  Pendant piece is approximately 1 1/2" square.  Also available in other colors and on a gold-filled chain.                         $38
 -Woven Pendant-
The interlacing of glass strips gives this piece a tapestry look. The pendant is approx. 2" tall and 1 1/2" wide and hangs on a sterling chain. Also available in other colors and on a gold-filled chain.                           
  -Simple Fused Pendant-
Shown here in cherry red glass with gold-leaf inclusions on an 22" gold-filled chain. Pendant piece is approximately 2" wide by 1"wide. Also available in other colors.               $38
   -Abstract Pendant-
This pendant is constructed from thin layers of colorful glass. It is 2" square and hangs from two blown-bead columns. Shown here on a seed-bead necklace, it is also available in other colors and on a sterling or gold-filled chain.                              $48
Seed-bead necklace                 $20
-Fused Glass Heart-
Various shades of red and dichroic glass give this pendant an interesting depth and iridescence. Shown here on a ribbon cord. Also available on gold-filled or sterling chain.  $38
-Float Necklace-
Blown glass beads "float" on a tiger-tail wire for a delicate, easy-to-wear style that's perfect for summer. Shown here in cobalt, this style is also available in other colors and in a 5-bead mix of colors.            $32
Matching 3-bead bracelet$20
-Fab Flowers-
Available in assorted fun colors, and on a sterling or gold-filled chain.  See more like it on the Wearable Gardens page.               $38 - $42
- Abstract Fused Pendant-
This pendant is shown in transparent grass green with dichroic inclusions that shimmer in pink.  Also shown are the matching fused earrings. 
             -Segment Earrings-
Shown here in monochromatic palette of aqua blown glass beads, this style is available in various colors and with gold-filled or sterling accent beads and gold-filled, sterling or hypo-allergenic niobium earwires.                               $32
-Single-Bead Earrings-
These little earrings are easy-to-wear "every-day" earrings. Available in colors to match any outfit and with sterling or gold-filled wires, you'll want to have more than one pair!  $20
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   - Embellished Fused Necklace-
Black fused glass with dichroic inclusions accented with blown black beads. Strung on tigertail with sterling silver​ beads and clasp.

                          -Simple Bold Fused Necklace-
Black glass with dichroic frit inclusions, strung on tigertail with sterling silver beads.                                                                         $68
​Matching earrings are 1" x 1/2" and hang from sterling french wires. Also available as clip-ons.

          -Cast Glass Pendant-
     Available in Small (1 1/4" ring) and  Large (1 1/2" ring - shown) and a variety of colors. Shown here in Blue/Green Mix.​
-Cast Glass Toggle Necklace-
Shown here in Pink Blend on sterling silver. Approximately 1 1/2" and 18" long.
              -Three-Ring Bracelet-
 Extra links on the chain make this cast glass                  bracelet  adjustable.
​          Shown here in Blue/Green Mix.

                -Three-Ring Necklace-
   Cast glass rings hang from gold-filled or sterling            chain. Shown here in Amber Blend.
       -Fused Glass and Copper Bracelet-
    Deep adventurine green and dichroic inclusions                complement the patina of the metal.​
                -Fused Glass Pendant-
    Adventurine Green with dichroic inclusions on copper wire. This piece matches the bracelet above​.                                                      $38

-Single-Bead Necklaces-
A blown glass bead showcased on a sterling silver chain and beads for a simple, yet contemporary look. Can be layered for greater impact. Available on 16" or 18" chain.   $28
- Abstract Trio Fused Necklace-
The fused elements on this necklace have a channel melted right in that allows the multiple strands of tigertail cord to be seen through the glass. Shown here in transparent aqua with dichroic glass inclusions. Length is 18".  Also available in assorted colors.   $48
- Bold Abstract Trio Fused Necklace-
This necklace is strung on high-quality gold-filled wire and chain with gold-filled accent beads and gold-leaf melted right into the glass.  The length is adjustable from 16" to 18". Available in other colors and lengths.   $56